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22 Sep 2018


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Swedish Club Lucia Print

Lucia crownApplications for the Swedish Club of Houston's 2018 Lucia are now being accepted. Our 2018 Lucia will be presented at the Swedish Christmas Traditions and Lucia Procession.

Candidates must be young women between the ages of 16 and 24, and they must be members of the Club. In addition, they must be able to attend the Swedish Christmas Traditions program.

The Swedish Club of Houston has been represented by the following Lucia's: Print
1987: Barbara Wueggertz
1988: Katheryn De Witt
1989: Emily Dryselius
1990: Deserie Gay
1991: Jennifer Olson
1992: Amy Accord
1993: Rebecca Cadwallader
1994: Betsy Philen
1995: Elizabeth Webb
1996: Veronica Llanos
1997: Kelley Mauritzson
1998: Kristin Klatt
1999: Karolina Melrose
2000: Katie Armstrong
2001: Allana Clarke
2002: Cathy St. Clair
2003: Sjerrie Colburn
2004: Frida Sellman
2005: Maren Britt Stavinoha
2006: Morgan Leigh Halvorsen
2007: Jenny Panahi
2008: Eden Shapiro
2009: Athena Flusche
2010: Carrie Anderson
2011: Lauren Garde
2012: Evan Wood
2013: Sarah Garde
2014: Sarah Archer
2015: Claire Anderson
2016: Lisa Swank
2017: Dagny Carlsson

Application for Lucia Candidates, Lucia Attendants, and Star Boys Print
Lucia Photo
Name: ______________________
Address: ____________________
Telephone: ( ___ ) _____________
Date of Birth: _________________

For Lucia applicants only: In addition to the above, all Lucia applicants must also:

  • write an essay describing their Swedish heritage and special interests, and
  • include a current photograph with their application.
Applications must be postmarked by October 10, 2018 to:
The Swedish Club of Houston
c/o Marie Teahen
23114 San Salvador
Katy, Texas 77494

Why is Barkeryd, Sweden important to Texans? Print

Barkeryd, Sweden is a small parish near Nässjö in Småland. The church is a beautiful rose color and can hold as many as 450 people. This small parish had half of the population emigrate to Texas between 1836 and 1927. The conditions were bad and the opportunity of settling in America was given to the people of Barkeryd. Around 1867 many young people left Barkeryd and S.M. Swenson and Svante Palm paid for their passage to come to work for them in Texas. Texas was a new place where workers were needed to help on the farms. The immigrants worked off their passage in about 2 years. After the debt was paid off they were free to live and work for themselves.

In honor of the large number of immigrants to Texas from Barkeryd, the people of Barkeryd were proclaimed honorary citizens of Texas on May 27, 1975 by Gov. Dolph Briscoe.

There are many Swedish communities around Central Texas which were settled by the Barkeryd immigrants. Some of them are New Sweden, Hutto, Lund, Austin, Manor, Govalle, Palm Valley, Round Rock, Georgetown and many more. The Swedish settlers made a real mark in Texas' history; many important people were of Swedish decent. Today you can travel in Central Texas and see the many beautiful churches and landmarks that Swedes helped make. Be proud of your Swedish heritage. Travel to Sweden and find out where your roots came from!